President's Message

Few topics have been as studied, discussed and written about as leadership. Leaders comes in all shapes and sizes and I am fascinated by the lives and choices of great leaders, Lincoln, Washington, Churchill, Jesus, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Truman, John Wooden, Tony Dungy and Charlie Brown to name a few. Yes, Charlie Brown! His perseverance through adversity and his ability to hope when all seems lost is inspiring. Great leaders communicate vision, provide the tools to execute on the vision, lead by example and inspire others to accomplish the goal. Simon Sinek posits in his Ted Talk that the way to inspire others is to share “why” you do what you do or believe what you believe. Click here to learn more.

Leaders matter now more than ever. This week we have the opportunity to meet 100 leaders from Roswell High School and hear from Col. Dwight Schmidt, a fighter pilot, coach, husband, father and leader. Come be inspired!

President Becky

P.S. Loved the Super Bowl! Met lots of great football fans and cheered on the G.O.A.T. Atlanta did a great job!

P.S.S. If you have gently used durable medical equipment (walkers, etc.) taking up space, please bring to the RIP Barry Rassin meeting and we will ship it to Puerto Rico seniors in need!

Posted by Becky Stone
February 3, 2019