Feb 26 / Mar 02 at Gate City
When Roswell needs blood, where does it come from?

You can help even if you think you can't.

As amazing as we are, we Georgians haven't been able to manufacturer blood. Yet we can't live without it.

While we make our own blood, you or someone you know has needed blood. Ask 3 fellow Rotarians, and between the 4 of you, you know someone whose medical care required blood.

Even if you are the 2 out of 3 people who is not eligible to donate, you can help by inviting someone to participate in our upcoming blood drive. And if you are eligible to give, just look in the mirror and invite yourself!

BONUS: Give a Pint? Get a Pint! Thanks to Pat Rains and Gate City Brewery, whoever gives a pint of blood gets a gift of a pint of beer -- to be enjoyed anytime over the next 6 months! And our friends at Amazon are adding in a $5 Gift Card!

Roswell  Rotary is hosting 2 dates at Gate City Brewery. For details and to "reserve your table", please go to and in the “Find a Blood Drive” box, enter “RoswellRotary” (no space between the words).     Fri, Feb 26 11a - 4p  and Tue, Mar 02, 11a - 4p

ALSO: Volunteers are needed both days to help with sign-in and the commissary. Contact John Reddick if you're interested in volunteering for a few hours.

Posted by Hal Schlenger
February 11, 2021 8:00am


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