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Stand Up for Kids


To empower homeless, independent, and at-risk high school students to stay in school, graduate, and become contributing members of the community.

Fast Facts:

• Founded in 1990 by a group of volunteers in San Diego, CA. The Atlanta chapter was founded in 2003.

• Last year alone, there were 583 identified homeless and unaccompanied students in North Fulton.

• Received the Partner of the Year Award last year from Fulton County Schools.

• SUFK has four core programs in many of the cities where it operates: Street Outreach, Outreach Centers, Mentoring, and Apartment Support.

• There are 18 Stand Up For Kids chapters in 11 states across the nation.

• SUFK is run almost completely by volunteers and is the only organization to work with this specific, target population.

• Students receive one-on-one mentoring onsite at their school helping them to develop life skills and navigate through the terrain of becoming independent students, applying for college, acquiring furniture, obtaining identification, developing work skills, obtaining jobs, and more.

• In 2017, SUFK had the following impacts:

     o Youth accessed services 36,708 times, translating to more than 100 acts of helping per day.

     o SUFK provided over 19,000 meals to young people on the street and in its Centers.

     o In addition to the thousands of homeless youth served regularly, SUFK began working with 2,249 new homeless youth in 2017.

     o Operated nine Outreach Centers across the U.S.

     o Volunteers donated more than 44,000 hours of time.

• Through funds received from Roswell Rotary, Stand Up Mentoring Program was able to mentor 31 students in Centennial and Roswell High School.

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Posted by Tina Houck
February 23, 2021


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